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  • Medical Transcriptionist
    Medical Transcriptionist

    Enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

  • Medical Transcriptionists
    Medical Transcriptionists

    Work almost anywhere.

  • Medical Transcriptionist
    Medical Transcriptionist

    Opportunities that fit your lifestyle.

Program At-A-Glance

Length of Study: 
9-Month plus 3-week preceptorship

What Students Say

Taking this Medical Transcription program through Selkirk was such a positive experience for me. I have gained knowledge that I will value for years to come and I am so thankful for the help of my instructors. Their encouraging attitudes have helped me to accomplish so much and I am so excited to say that I am now an MT thanks to this program through Selkirk! I cannot wait to start my new career! Jamie - 2018 MTED Program Graduate
  This was a fabulous program and I am so grateful I had the instruction I did. It was challenging and fun at the same time. I am now at the beginning of my new career and I don’t think I would have succeeded as much as I have with the instruction I got through this program.   Crissy - 2018 MTED Program Graduate
I truly enjoyed this course. It was challenging and needs your full-time attention, but ultimately it is a well-designed program for all ages that is set up for you to excel. The instructors were fast at getting back to you with any questions or any other help I needed along the way as well. Jennifer - 2018 MTD Program Graduate