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  • Jewelry Major
    Jewelry Major

    Hone your technical skills so you are prepared for a career as a maker.

  • Sculptural Metal
    Sculptural Metal

    Develop your creative practice with the support of instructors and peers.

  • Ceramics Major
    Ceramics Major

    Explore your creative expression in fully equipped studios.

  • Sculptural Metal
    Sculptural Metal

    Instructors are on hand to support your self-directed creative projects.

  • studio arts
    studio arts

    Find inspiration through complimentary course offerings.

  • Textiles Major
    Textiles Major

    Allow yourself the time and space to explore your craft.

  • studio arts
    studio arts

    Create a significant body of work to start your caeer as an artisan.

Program At-A-Glance

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Victoria Street, Nelson