Introduction to Sustainability

What does "sustainability" mean, and how does it relate to you? Broken down into six topics: air, water, food, shelter, energy and waste, this course will give you the tools and understanding to make simple changes in your life.

Changes to your daily habits, purchasing choices and personal health will benefit you every day. Gain insight and knowledge for your future decisions, at home, work and play.

Meet the Instructor

Ricky Cappe is making positive changes and providing solutions to challenging problems. He has worked as a sustainability consultant for more than 22 years, working with public, private, and social sector organizations and individuals. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Southeast BC.

Ricky works to develop, implement and manage a realistic, comprehensive sustainability strategy by becoming more socially and environmentally responsible. This can be achieved through many ways: green building practices, utilizing renewable energy options, managing natural resources, addressing waste issues, and stressing the importance of making positive changes and creating solutions.

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