Herbal Medicine For Pain

Course Description:

In this class we will discuss a variety of herbal medicines and strategies to support those experiencing pain whether it's a chronic condition or an acute injury. We will focus on herbs that grow wild in the Kootenays as well as plants that can be easily grown in your garden. Throughout we will try a number of the herbs discussed. By the end of the course you will know a number of ways to use herbal medicine to safely and effectively address pain.

Travis is a clinical herbalist, herbal medicine maker, educator and co-founder of Althaea Herbals. He maintains a professional membership as a Registered Herbal Therapist (RHT) with the British Columbia Herbalists Association (BCHA). He received his formal education from Pacific Rim College and has furthered his study with The School of Evoluntionary Herbalism. Guided by nature, his practice integrates the holistic energetic system of Traditional Western Herbalism with modern scientific knowledge. Travis is honored to support individuals in their personal growth and healing with the use of herbal medicine. Travis lives in Nelson where he forages and prepares various herbal medicines, teaches, and runs a clinical herbal practice.

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