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  • Learn useful leadership skills that apply to your career.

  • Your first choice for certified First Aid & Safety Training.

  • RNs & LPNs can further their footcare skills for use in clinical & community settings.

  • Explore your creative side by taking classes in our exciting Arts & Culture series.

  • Learn to use your hands to bring balance & facilitate relaxation.

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continuing education and workplace training fall 2016 calendar

On Page 44 of the Selkirk
College Community Education
& Workplace Training (CEWT)
Fall calendar, there is a
photograph that accompanies
the Russian Language courses
which was mistakenly included
on the page. Selkirk College
wishes to apologize for the
choice of this image and
sincerely regrets the error.

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integrated worksite health and safety


What Students Say

The practicum made it obvious that the training had really increased my knowledge and skills.  I feel really prepared to work in an administrative position.
- Sheena Albrecht, Administrative Skills Training Program Graduate.
The Administrative Skills Training program taught me to be more confident in myself and how to tackle issues in a diplomatic way.
- Marie MacLeod, Administrative Skills Program Graduate.