Ron Greavison

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"It took several decades and a number of career changes to achieve my initial goal of becoming a teacher.” Ron Greavison

In order to become a teacher, I took courses part time while working in a sawmill, as a miner and as a faller.  Then started a retail electronics store and once it was running smoothly, decided to finish a degree. I obtained a BSc degree at Eastern Washington while working weekends to manage the store. After working as a sale manager at another firm, I changed careers becoming a drilling contractor and eventually, evening ABE math teacher at Trail Campus. I enjoyed teaching, so completed a BEd degree at UBC. 

My background as both an employer and employee has given me some insight to the skills necessary for a wide variety of occupations. I believe this knowledge, together with years working while attending school, allows me to connect with our adult students. I am able to tell them, from personal experience, that furthering their education is worth the time, effort and expense.