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We are incredibly proud of every Selkirk Alumni and the difference they make within their communities.

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A photo of Andrea Trischuk standing with a river and mountains in the background

Andrea Trischuk

Integrated Environmental Planning Program

Andrea Trischuk's Selkirk College experience was nothing short of life-changing, and it provided her with a solid foundation for a successful career in the environmental field. 

She emphasizes the profound impact of small class sizes, passionate instructors and a close-knit community as making all the difference to her ability to foster meaningful connections.

"Speaking of instructors, I can't say enough about how awesome they were," she says. "They were not only experts in their respective fields but also incredibly passionate about what they taught. This enthusiasm was contagious and made every class engaging and inspiring."

But the true testament to Andrea's success came after graduation. Armed with the knowledge and skills she acquired during the program, she quickly landed a fulfilling job as an environmental technician at a Yukon mine. 

We are immensely proud of Andrea and her achievements and look forward to catching up with her as her career progresses.

Megan Mobbs

Megan Mobbs

Nursing Program

Megan recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Selkirk College and works as a full-time Registered Nurse at a local, regional hospital. Growing up in the area, Megan had always aspired to become a nurse and was thrilled to be able to pursue and complete her education close to home.

The partnership between Selkirk College and the University of Victoria allowed Megan to fulfill her educational goals locally, enabling her to continue serving her rural community as a Registered Nurse. This became even more significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it provided stability and allowed her to support her community during challenging times.

Throughout her time at Selkirk College, Megan developed strong and lasting friendships with her fellow students and instructors. The small class sizes at the college fostered a supportive learning environment, and Megan experienced exceptional support from her instructors on both personal and professional levels. She says, “Their genuine care and dedication contributed to my success during her bachelor's degree program.”

Megan also received valuable support from the local community through bursaries and scholarships, which helped alleviate transportation and living expenses. Given the limited public transit options in her area, this support was instrumental in her educational journey.

We wish Megan all the best in her next endeavours and career journey.

Ben Marken, Alumni

Ben Marken

Digital Arts and Millwright/Machinist Program

Combining a knack for problem solving, interest in pushing technological limits and knowledge gleaned from his studies at Selkirk College, Ben Marken entered a new world of discovery by figuring out a way to help NASA with its mission of interplanetary exploration. Ben placed fifth in NASA’s Advanced Lightweight Lunar Gantry for Operations (ALLGO) Challenge with his solution called the ALLGO Tubecrane.

“It's like taking three of those inflatable tube men you see outside of car dealerships and gluing the bottom of each one to a golf cart,” Marken says when asked to put his submission into simple terms. “Strap a crane on top, send it 380,000 kilometres into space and hope everything works. The short answer is that it's just an expandable gantry crane for unloading cargo.”

Out of 132 total accepted entries that appealed to a community engineers, designers, manufacturers and students, Marken’s concept came in fifth overall. He was the only Canadian entry to reach the final contest. A graduate of Nelson’s LV Rogers Secondary in 2016, Marken entered Selkirk College’s Digital Arts Program straight out of high school. With a passion for learning and a superb talent for problem solving, he further built on his formal education in the college’s Millwright/Machinist Program on the Silver King Campus. Marken currently works for Selkirk College in the Selkirk Technology Access Centre

Discover Marken’s design projects at his website.

Wesley Fakrogha

Wesley Fakrogha

Business Administration Program

Having spent much of his life studying abroad in the UK, China, and in Canada, Wesley Fakrogha understands firsthand the challenges that international students face in finding accommodation, building local connections and securing employment. It was these difficulties that inspired Wesley’s new startup company, Stuuli. Stuuli is an information hub with the aim to make student life easier. Stuuli provides students with a safe and secure platform to exchange goods, search for jobs and join events in their local area.

In addition to his understanding of the international student experience, Wesley attributes the success of his company to the skills he gained in the Selkirk College Business Administration Diploma.

“I had previously completed a computer science degree, which is what got me thinking about tech startups, but I knew nothing about owning a business. The program taught me so much about marketing and overall business operations.”

Since graduating in December 2020, Wesley has been focused on increasing awareness for Stuuli – and it’s working! Stuuli was one of three local startups featured in the recent Kootenay Pitch Competition.

“It was easy for me to pitch my business because I feel so passionately about it. My experience at Selkirk College was elevated by the connections I made through volunteering and student activities. I encourage all students to get involved on campus and in their local communities as a way to meet friends and gain practical skills for future careers. Stuuli makes that easier.”Wesley certainly made the most of student life during his time at Selkirk College. He volunteered his time to connect fellow students through his positions as a student ambassador and a peer tutor. He also served on the Board of Governors as the elected student member, where he provided insight on the student experience and made recommendations to improve student life during the COVID-19 pandemic. He describes his best memory at Selkirk College as the In addition to working on Stuuli, Wesley has stayed connected with Selkirk College since graduation by taking on a paid research internship with the Selkirk College Applied Research and Innovation Centre.