Time Management

Time management is a set of skills you can apply to the rest of your life. Using time effectively and efficiently, planning and prioritizing are all parts of time management.  

Developing Schedules 

The goal is long term plan and day-to-day routine. Developing schedules—by term, weeks and days—is an excellent way to start managing your time. A term schedule gives you an overview of all your assignment due dates and tests. A weekly schedule allows you to schedule your study time. See the resources below for helpful templates to get you started or try out a digital app. 

Tips to Better Manage Your Time

If you plan ahead and build in some of these strategies, you will probably have more time!

  • Focus on one task at a time, without interruption, for 25-minute blocks followed by a short break. 
  • Do your least favourite task first. 
  • Use small chunks of time. Every minute is valuable. 
  • Use the time of day when you are most alert for tasks that require concentration. 
  • Get started! It's tempting to procrastinate, but you can avoid it by starting with a small task. 
  • Break up large tasks into smaller ones. 
  • Return to the same study area to do your work. This creates a study habit. 
  • Review notes shortly after classes. 
  • Take notes during class even if there is a PowerPoint available on Moodle. It will help reinforce the material.