Education & Research

Students learning in the Skattebo Forest


Explore the diversity of terrain, ecosystems and wildlife in the forest through field labs, integrated projects and research,

Integrated projects

Students in Forestry Technology are tasked with assessing all timber and non-timber values in the forest. Other student work in the forest involves data collection, analysis, mapping and prescription writing. ​

Field labs

Students get hands-on experience in a variety of field skills, including:

  • Stream measurements
  • Hydrology
  • Soil sampling
  • Forest health
  • Recreation planning
  • Silviculture systems
  • Operational planning
  • Non-timber resource values
  • GIS
  • Wildlife trees


Students and researchers from Selkirk Innovates use the forest to develop new models to analyze how the landscape is changing and why.

Wildfire urban interface

Selkirk Innovates has established several sample plots at the forest for the Wildfire Urban Interface Project. The project explores the use of drones and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) for quantifying fuel/biomass volumes before and after fuel management treatments and for the remote identification of trees species. ​