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Indigenous Elder helping out a young adult

Elders on Campus

Elders and Knowledge Keepers carry their stories, teachings, laws and songs within them to pass on to the next generations. Elders on Campus offers the opportunity to meet and make connections with Elders in our community.

We are honoured to have them join us on campus to give us a wider sense of community and provide learning opportunities through intergenerational connections.

Join Elders on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Indigenous Elder Gerry Remple, Fire Teachings

Fire Teachings

Métis Elder Gerry Rempel shares his wisdom through storytelling at the Indigenous Arbour on the Castlegar Campus.

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Beading at Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections

Auntie Ann-Marie guides Indigenous-inspired crafts, shares some stories and facilitates cultural connections.

Castlegar Campus, Tenth Street Campus, Silver King Campus

Seven Sacred Teachings

Seven Sacred Teachings

Auntie Ann-Marie Smith, Anishinaabe woman and cultural facilitator, shares the Seven Sacred teachings of the Anishinaabe People at the Silver King Campus. 

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