LiR Membership

Activities for this term will take place in person. Fees are set at a low-nominal charge.

To find out more about LiR membership, Friday sessions and the latest information, visit Learning in Retirement Nelson. The annual LIR membership fee (valid from September 1 to August 31) is $15 plus tax.   

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Membership Benefits

  • Take part in lively, fun and informative activities and discussions.

  • Utilize peer-group learning, which stimulates social interaction.

  • Enjoy a "no-pressure" environment with quiz and grade-free courses.

  • Participate in invigorating learning experiences.

  • Feel free to access Selkirk College's library resources.

  • Find opportunities for companionship and mental stimulation.

Digital Training!

If you would like to learn about Zoom and digital technology in general, you can contact the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy's Joan Exley regarding free tutorials. She can be reached by email or at 250-505-2361.