Selkirk College is guided by a set of policies that reflect our vision, mission and values while providing a foundation on which we can achieve our stated goals in an environment of accountability and equality. The policies of the college are consistent with legislative requirements and the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills directives. 

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Policy Review

There are two policy review bodies at Selkirk College, the Administrative Policy Review Committee and the Policy Review Committee.

The Administrative Policy Review Committee focuses on policies that are outside the scope of Education Council, such as policies that focus on administrative operations. 

Contact the Administrative Policy Review Committee.

The Policy Review Committee is a standing committee of Education Council and reviews college policies to provide advice on matters related to policy development and to provide a forum for regular policy review. The policies approved by Education Council are distributed to the college community through the President’s Office. Education Council is an internal governance body of Selkirk College, as required by the College and Institute Act, that considers curriculum and educational policies relating to students, standards, planning and operations.

Contact the Policy Review Committee.