Learning Technologies

Digital platforms support online and face-to-face learning and provide opportunities for showcasing your work, skills and achievement.


Moodle, Selkirk’s Learning Management System (LMS), is a versatile digital platform that supports and enhances the learning experience in both on-campus and online settings. It serves as an integrated system for providing enriched learning environments, offering educators and learners a secure platform for course interaction and collaboration.


PebblePad, Selkirk’s e-portfolio platform, plays a pivotal role in empowering students to articulate their knowledge, demonstrate how they acquired it and share evidence from their work throughout their academic journeys. As a versatile platform, PebblePad enables the digital display of skills, achievements, experiences and reflections, serving as a dynamic representation of a learner's capabilities.

PebblePad functions as a student-centred pedagogical tool, providing learners with autonomy over their education. Instructors leverage PebblePad to facilitate the showcasing of student learning, thereby contributing to the assessment of educational outcomes.