Recreation & Operations


The area is often used for hiking, biking, wildcrafting, mushroom picking and wildlife viewing.

The Skattebo Education Forest connects to the Skattebo Reach Trail. The 12-kilometre non-motorized trail is part of the Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail). It is maintained by the Castlegar Parks and Trails Society.

The forest is open to the public, but motorized vehicles are not allowed off the main road. Camping is not allowed, and it is recommended that vehicles park at the end of the paved road.


We are obligated under the Forest Act to mitigate risks to adjacent Crown land and Crown timber. We are also committed to mitigating risks to neighbouring private land.

During times of extreme fire hazard, Selkirk College may limit public use of the forest to reduce the risk of wildfire. Selkirk College may also act to protect forest health concerns when adjacent Crown timber values are at risk.