Book the College Readiness Tool Assessment

The College Readiness Tool (CRT) assessment is done online.

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Applicants in All Programs Except Youth Train in Trades



Email us at @email to get your voucher

Your email must include your:

  • Full first and last name (connected with your Selkirk College student ID)

  • Selkirk College student number

  • Program you have applied to

  • Date of birth (Written: Month, Day, Year)

  • Province of location as indicated on your government ID

It may take 48–72 hours to receive this voucher.




Book the CRT

Once you receive your voucher, pay for and book your assessment through Examity. Examity is a 24/7 professional proctoring service provider.

  • Pay the US$10 feedirectly through Examity.

  • Schedule and book directly through Examity.

  • You will need continuous strong internet, audio and a webcam for a full three hours.


Questions?  Email us at @email.

Applicants in Youth Train in Trades

Applicants in Youth Train in Trades (YTIT) have to option to do the CRT with Examity (as listed above) or with Selkirk College over Zoom.

The Zoom option is only available to students working with their high school counsellor and doing their last year of high school through the YTIT program. Please note that the Power Plant Operator course does not qualify as a YTIT program.


Get your access code

You will need an access code to book your CRT.  To get this code, email your enrolment officer.


Prepare for the CRT

Read these instructions for how to prepare for the CRT and what to expect.

Read these instructions for how to check-in on the day of your assessment.



Book your assessment

Use this link to book your assessment. You will need your access code and your Selkirk College student number.

There are limited seats available for Zoom CRT assessments.  Please do not cancel within three days of your assessment, miss your assessment or be under-prepared with your technology. If this happens, you will be asked to book with Examity (the fee is US$10 for AI proctoring or US$25 for live proctoring).

Questions?  Email us at @email.