Counselling Services

Counsellor Services

Career, Academic and Personal Counselling

Looking to change your career or determine your next steps? Need help with decision-making or course planning? Struggling with depression, anxiety, grief or relationship issues? Having trouble coping with stress? We're here to help.

It's normal and okay to feel overwhelmed and unsure. We are here to support you. Our team aims to create a safe and supportive environment for you to explore academic, personal and career issues. 

We provide confidential counselling appointments by phone, over Zoom and in person. Appointments are free! You can also check out some mental health resources.

Make an Appointment! 

To make an appointment at any campus:

  1. Contact the Welcome Centre.
  2. Fill out our consent form prior to your visit.

 Consent Form

Meet Our Team

Courtney Rombough

Courtney Rombough, Tenth Street Campus & Student Housing, Nelson

Todd Solarik

Todd Solarik, Silver King Campus, Victoria Street Campus, Kaslo & Nakusp 

Sahana Madhyastha

Sahana Madhyastha, Castlegar

Dene Shipowick

Dene Shipowick, Castlegar & Grand Forks

Matty Hillman

Matty Hillman, Trail & Castlegar

Selkirk College counsellors are professionals trained to provide a variety of counselling services. They assist students to gather information, make plans and decisions, put plans and decisions into action, generate options, cope with crisis, and understand themselves and others. When appropriate, referrals are made to community agencies and services.