Registration by Employer or Sponsor

Are you paying for an employee, client or student to take a course? We can help you register a student and allow for release of information regarding completion of credentials.

Please note that confirmation for the course is not complete until we receive required paperwork.

Ways to Register

Register by phone

Call any campus and be prepared to provide the information about the student as outlined on the authorization form.

Register by email

Send any campus an email outlining the course details and attached the completed authorization form for each student. An enrolment officer will follow up to confirm registration.

Students will receive a confirmation of registration to the email address that is provided for the student.

Pay for the Course

You can pay via invoice. If you prefer to pay by credit card number, please call the campus where the person will be attending their course.


Employer Authorization Form

This form is used when a third party is sponsoring a student for a course. It enables us to place a note on the student file and if any withdrawals or refunds are required, we can refund the third party and not the student.

  • The top section is for the student information.
  • The middle is for the course information.
  • The bottom is for company and invoicing details.

Authorization of Release of Student Information

This form is required on a student file for us to release information about the student and their studies to a third party according to the Canada Privacy Act. This form is optional, but if it is not on file, Selkirk College will not be able to provide any confirmation of completion of a course or details about the student's success or progress within the course.