Suicide Prevention

Are you worried about a friend? What can you do? 


Any noticeable change in behaviour could be a warning sign that your friend isn’t doing well.

Look For

  • Drinking more than usual.

  • Not texting or calling as much.

  • Appearing tired or distant.

  • Talking about how much life sucks.

Start a Conversation

  • Over the phone.

  • Over a casual hangout.

  • While driving.

  • While working on a project.

Be There

  • Avoid problem-solving.

  • Be present and don’t change the subject.

  • The other day you said your life sucks ... what’s that like for you?

  • Acknowledge their feelings: "That sounds really hard."

  • If you’re still worried, ask: "Are you thinking about suicide?"

Support and Connect: Remember You Are Not a Counsellor

  • Encourage them to reach out to additional support.

  • Call Crisis Services Canada together.

  • Check in with them following the conversation.

  • If they have imminent plans to die, call 911 and ensure they’re not left alone.

  • Counselling Services is available to all Selkirk College students, it’s free and confidential.

There’s Help

Counselling Services Mental Health Resources