Contract Training

Access extensive resources from across our communities and within our province with contract training.

Personalized Solutions

Work with us to design, develop and deliver training that will keep you and your team at the top of your game. If the need is to stay current, refresh skills or find a new perspective, we can customize training content and schedule it to fit your needs, goals and budget. Investment in training builds revenue and brings returns to your organization.

Find out how Community Education & Workplace Training can help you. We've been helping organizations achieve their education and training goals in the Kootenays for years.

Our team of coordinators bring expertise, experience and commitment, together with graduate degrees in education and leadership and successful careers in community development and entrepreneurship. From one-day seminars and quick response training classes to completely customized training solutions, we deliver courses in a variety of formats and delivery modes to suit the needs of your organization.

Here to Help

For additional details and eligibility criteria, please contact us