External Exam Services


External exam services are available to anyone attending an institution or professional organization other than Selkirk College.

In-Person Services

  • In-person services are available at the Castlegar Campus in Room A-41 and the Silver King Campus in Nelson in Room C-220. 
  • Most exams must be booked three weeks in advance.
  • Students with academic accommodations must request their exam sitting at least six weeks in advance or the accommodation may not be provided.
  • Please email us at @email for more information.
  • No refunds are provided under any circumstances.

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Owner Builder Exam

You must have an authorization letter from BC Housing before booking with username and password. 

Do not pay for your sitting. Please select "Paid for by your institution" (not "Self-pay"). No refunds are provided, even in the case of an error.

Booking steps: 

1.  Choose your location

2. Choose a group (select "External Exam - In Person")

3. Choose a group (select "External Exams - Paid by Your Institution")

4. Choose an exam (select "Owner Builder")

5. Choose a date and time

6. Input your information

7. Register using your username and password issued by BC Housing

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Zoom Professional Proctoring

Fees, Rescheduling, Cancelling and Proctor Information

Fees for external invigilation/proctoring services

Option 1

Student/applicant pays or uses voucher system (where institution/agency pays and provides voucher credit # to their applicant/students): $50.

Note: Funds appear as "PrepBlast" on your transactions. There are no refunds or cancellations without forfeiting your fee. 

Hosted on our regular online booking schedule.

Option 2

Institution's cost for external exam if they are being invoiced: $69 ($79 for 3.25–4 hours and $89 for 4.25–5 hours).

Hosted on our regular online booking schedule.

Option 3

Private/group or special sittings: please email us at @email to organize dates, times and costs, starting at $200+GST for a three-hour booking. 

Must be booked six weeks in advance.


To reschedule, click here. 

Select "My History" in the top right. Use the email you registered with to sign in. A link will be sent to your email. Use that link to look at your booking schedule to make changes. No refunds provided.

All rescheduling must be 10 days prior to the sitting. Rescheduling beyond that results in loss of seating fee.

Questions? Email us at @email.


 Please email us directly at @email to cancel. There are no refunds.

Proctor form information

For use on proctor/invigilator forms and the address to have paper-copy exams sent:

Kathryn Kimmerly
Faculty Assistant, Assessment Services Centre
Student Access & Support Department
301 Frank Beinder Way, Castlegar, BC V1N4L3