Leadership Team

Maggie Matear
President and CEO

Taya Whitehead
Vice-President, Education & Students

Kerry Clarke
Vice-President, College Services, CFO

Brier Albano
Associate Vice-President, Student Success

Tiffany Snauwaert

Allison Alder

Tammie Clarke

Tracy Punchard

James Heth

Stacey Matthews
Executive Director of Human Resources

Lareena Rilkoff
Executive Director of Finance & Risk Management

Terri Macdonald
Director of Applied Research and Innovation

Donna Drover
Director of Facilities & Business Services

Dianne Biin
Director of Indigenous Education & Engagement

Maggie Keczan
Director of Communications and Public Engagement

Marissa Carrasco
Director of Student Engagement and Wellness

Nick Howald
Chief Information Officer

Catherine Harder
Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Governors