Essay Writing

Writing isn’t easy. It’s a process that takes time.

If you aren’t feeling confident about your writing, or you're having trouble knowing where to start or how to revise an essay, please stop by the Learning Resource Centre for assistance. There are resources available on the library website. If you’re in Castlegar, visit the Writing Centre

Writing Centre

Develop Effective Strategies

We can help you to develop effective writing strategies and gain valuable skills to help you write well in college (and for the rest of your life!). We can assist you to:

  • Get started by understanding the assignment, its purpose and the expectations.

  • Allow enough time for each step: planning, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading. 

  • Use the assignment guidelines to keep you on track.

  • Write for your intended audience.

  • Use a specific citation style to format your paper and cite your sources (APA, IEEE, etc.).

  • Organize and develop ideas to support your main point.

  • Present ideas concisely using simple, concrete language.

  • Understand grammar and punctuation rules.

  • Use effective editing and proofreading techniques.

Get Support from WriteAway

WriteAway is an online writing assistance service. Send a draft paper or writing assignment to the eWriting lab and qualified online tutors will provide feedback in 24-48 hours. WriteAway is a free service approved for students at Selkirk College.