A Culture of Belonging

We strive to create an environment that celebrates diversity and where we all feel a sense of belonging. Building this type of community requires a deep commitment to addressing the impacts of colonialism, racism and injustice and the challenges they continue to present—in our college community and beyond.  

Together, we’re taking steps to prioritize a vision of equity, diversity and inclusion across the whole college through programming, policy development and other initiatives.  

Read the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan


  • Selkirk College is an equitable, diverse and inclusive place to learn, work and grow.  
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are developed and promoted throughout the college and larger community.  
  • All systems, policies, practices and supports are accessible and free of barriers.  
  • Fundamental values of community, access, respect and excellence are nurtured and embedded in every aspect of learning and working here. 

Our Commitment in Action

An image with four interconnected icons: a brain, an eye, an ear and a hand

Reducing Barriers

Read the Accessibility Commitment 2023–2025 and help us move our work forward. Let us know if you have encountered a barrier to access at Selkirk College.

original artwork done for EDI at Selkirk College

Advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Organizations

Four stackable micro-courses help build the awareness, tools, skills and strategies needed to address unconscious bias, engage diverse teams and lead EDI change.

50-30 Challenge Artwork

50-30 Challenge

We've signed on for the 50-30 Challenge! It's part of our commitment to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups at Selkirk College.

Language Matters

 As a community college, we engage in this work collaboratively across sectors and institutions. We give thanks to our collaborators, and we acknowledge the work that has been done by Camosun College in developing best practice definitions that help shape our work. Thank you for these definitions.


Equity is about fairness. It is the process that removes barriers to ensure access to educational and employment opportunities. To maintain and enhance the quality of teaching and learning at the college, and to ensure fairness, individuals or groups may at times need to be treated differently. Equity addresses the effects of colonization, economic and social disparity, and injustices against marginalized groups, and systemic barriers to access and participation.


Diversity functions to affirm individuals' unique and varied histories, experiences, and ways of being, knowing, doing and relating. It is about being different and acknowledging and celebrating differences. Our experience and understanding of diversity strengthens us and supports the work we do at the college.


 Inclusion is the process through which we build a community where the diversity of human experiences, perspectives and identities is recognized and respected. Inclusion fosters belonging. It affords everyone the right to participate and strengthen the collective well-being of our communities.


Guidance Focus Areas