Addictions Theory and Practice

ADD 384 Addictions Theory and Practice is designed to provide students with an overview of current and emerging research/expertise in the field. The course will cover diverse definitions and understandings of addiction, as informed by current findings in the fields of neuroscience and social science. Pharmacology basics and the biological, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental dimensions of addiction will be reviewed from a number of perspectives. Current research on attachment, trauma and brain development will be examined in relation to addiction from both developmental and environmental perspectives. A critical examination of the link between policy and practice provides context for the emergence of recovery strategies such as harm reduction and motivational techniques. Special attention will be given to the role of colonization and stigma as it is experienced through ethnicity, gender and culture, and the important role of advocacy in this context.

3rd year standing in Advanced Diploma in Rural Pre-Medicine (ADRPM), or 3rd year standing in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or enrolment in Mental Health and Addictions Associate Certificate, or Mental Health and Substance Use Advanced Certificate, or ADD 184. Note: Pre-requisite(s) may be waived with permission of the instructor.