Chemistry For Engineering

CHEM 120 Chemistry for Engineering is a one-semester general chemistry course fulfilling the chemistry requirement for transfer into engineering programs, emphasizing aspects of physical chemistry. The course begins with thermochemistry, followed by classical and quantum mechanical concepts used to discuss atomic and molecular structure. The course continues with an investigation of gases, and consideration of the intermolecular forces in liquids and solids. An investigation of reaction rates (kinetics) is followed with the principles of equilibria applied to pure substances and aqueous solutions of acids, bases and salts. The laws of thermodynamics applied to chemical systems are introduced. The course concludes with a unit on electrochemistry. The lab work stresses scientific observations and measurements using chemical syntheses and quantitative analyses.

Chemistry 12, Pre-calculus 12, Physics 12, or equivalent with a minimum of 80%. English Studies 12, or equivalent with a minimum of 60%.