Occupational First Aid (OFA): Level 3

Occupational First Aid Level 3 is the most comprehensive highest level of care Occupational First Aid Course. In this 70-hour advanced level workplace first aid training students learn assessment and treatment skills required to be an OFA attendant who provides first aid care in industry. Three-year certificate. Pick up your books prior to class for pre-reading. No prerequisites. Bring your photo ID to class, wear closed toe shoes and long pants.

This course covers the basics of airway, breathing and circulation - includes how to deal with obstructed airways, breathing distress, bleeding control, shock and one and two person CPR. In addition, continuing patient assessment, hard collar application, securing a patient to a spine board, upper and lower limb splinting and minor wound care are covered. Completion of records and reports are an integral part of the course.

In B.C. workplace first aid attendants must have a certificate that is recognized by Worksafe BC. Students must be 16 yrs or older, physically and mentally capable of performing the comprehensive first aid techniques and show ability to meet the main responsibilities as stated in OHSR section 3.21. Students must: 1) pass a multiple choice exam with 70% or higher and 2) pass the practical exam with 70% to be successful in obtaining the OFA 3 certification.

Recommended for workplaces located more than 20 minutes from a hospital.

Exams contained in course dates.

Pick up your books prior to class for pre-reading. Contact your local campus for information about your manual.
The manual contains two parts:
Part 1: the OFA 3 Textbook.
Part 2: the OFA 3 required homework and course preponderation work. Completing the homework prior to attending the course is a requirement.

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