Bruce Fitz-Earle

A photo of Bruce Fitz-Earl
School of the Arts
1 (250) 352-6601

Instructor, Digital Fabrication & Design 

Bruce is an industrial designer with works that range from hybrid timber and steel structures and award-winning custom furniture to rugged waterproof tools, pro-audio equipment, electric motorcycles, battery analyzers, electric scooters, waterproof rugged tools, GPS asset trackers, and a climbing gym among many others. Recent design projects include household grid-tied solar power inverters, recycling bins for hotels, energy monitoring units linked to smart meters, and wireless devices to measure and optimize heat exchange systems.

Bruce has worked on products and systems that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gases, use recycled material, promote green transportation methods, increasing local manufacturing capabilities and reduce our reliance on others to fix our problems. Bruce’s expertise lies in his ability to combine an understanding of biological systems with technology to tackle the massive changes that face us. The tide has turned, and sustainability is now a requirement.