Simon Parr

Simon Parr Staff Bio
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Journeyman Cook

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Instructor, Professional Cook
"I enjoy opportunities for me to train and to teach within my profession. Selkirk is a perfect place to pursue my goals while sharing my skills with students eager to learn." - Simon Parr, Professional Cook Chef instructor

What motivates me and what I enjoy the most about teaching cooking is seeing the change in the student, the moment of excitement when they have transformed a few simple ingredients into something delicious and tasteful for their first time. And when they realize that the love is: salt.

I am a  Dubrulle French Culinary School (1995) graduate (honors graduate) and have a Vancouver Community College Instructor diploma (2011).               

My experience includes:

  • Raintree Restaurant Vancouver BC - Chef
  • Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino BC - Chef
  • Empress Hotel, Victoria BC - Pastry Chef
  • St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort and Casino – Executive Chef
  • Snowwater Heliskiing Lodge, Nelson - Head Chef

My passion, believe it or not, is cooking; BIG TIME. I am a geek for the art in all of its simplicity and complexity, especially charcuterie, chocolate and sauces – not particularly in that order.

When I am not cooking, my interests include design, building a great home, wine, beer and cheese.

In my spare time I enjoy X-country skiing, making bacon (seriously), fishing and soon to be big game hunting.

A few years ago when I was care taking the heli –skiing lodge that I was the Chef at, I decided to go hunt for a grouse. It was the very beginning of the season and I was fortunate to get myself a nice bird. I told some friends about my first slingshot hunting experience and my friend Jon who is a hunter (not knowing when the season started), asked me if I poached it. Always thinking like a Chef I told him: “No, I roasted it.” It took me a while to figure out why everyone was laughing.