Health and Wellness

EACS 165 Health and Wellness is designed to introduce the essential concepts of health and wellness with emphasis on six dimensions of wellness including: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social and physical. Students will examine health and wellness from two perspectives. The first includes the examination of wellness in the students' lives with emphasis on developing strategies to increase resiliency and well being in the work place. The second dimension will focus on ways in which the wellness of others can be enhanced in a respectful, person-centred way that values personal choice and preferences. The course will emphasize the importance of lifestyle changes being self-directed and on understanding ways in which we can support change in others and ourselves. Lecture, interactive exercises and group discussions will be used to explore a variety of topics including: stress management, diet and nutrition, ageing, intimacy and relationships, immunity, safety, lifestyle, developing relationships and quality of life. The importance of professional accountability and authenticity in supporting the wellness of others will be emphasized.