Indigenous People's Relationships: Once You've Heard the Story

INDG 101 Indigenous People's Relationships: Once You've Heard the Story. Students are introduced to how colonial policies and legislation has and continues to impact relationships between Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Metis, Inuit), settlers and the Canadian and Provincial governments, and the broader western world view. The oral system of historical documentation, Indigenous stories, testimonies, and other evidence are critically examined. Students will explore and analyze how Indigenous resilience and resurgence is building self-determination and supporting reconciliation. Students will build awareness and insight into Indigenous worldview, teachings, protocols, and methodologies. Circle pedagogy and oral presentation are key components. This is an interactive relational course that requires committed respectful class community engagement with the composition of a commitment statement. This course is foundational to INDG100 and certain topics will be explored further in other programs.

A 65% or better in English at the grade 12 level