Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019

If you work with large sets of numbers, names, dates or other types of information, creating worksheets can be a great way to manage, store, organize and analyze data. Microsoft Excel, a powerful spreadsheet software, is the most commonly used program for handling this task. In fact, many workplaces require that new employees have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel. If you are interested in learning the 2019 version of Microsoft Excel, this course is an excellent introduction to the program's basic functions and uses. Through hands-on lessons, you will learn numerous shortcuts for quickly and efficiently setting up worksheets. You will also learn how to use the function wizard to calculate statistics, future values and more. Additionally, you will get tips on sorting and analyzing data, creating three-dimensional workbooks, and automating frequently-repeated tasks with macros and buttons. By the time you complete this course, you will know how to use this vital Office 2019 tool.

This course is available through Ed2Go.

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