Headlines & History

Course Description:

Headlines and History, Now and Then, Flowers and Roots . . . the past that underlines our present politics, economics, societies and cultures. All we elders know the past in our own lifetimes. Charles wants you to feel the importance of a perspective only we can bring to the present because we have the weight of years on us. Discussion topics will be chosen by the class members a week in advance.

Meet Your Instructor:

Charles Jeanes has been active on many boards, socieities and community groups. He is a 30+ year resident of Nelson with a background in history and journalism. He has previously facilitated many LiR History classes. Charles recently had to move from his of home 35 years to an apartment and it has been a very unsettling experience. In January, his daughter delivered a third grandchild and that is all positive. He is making the most of being an Elder, using all his memory and reflection to find the sense and narrative in his life.

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