How To Obtain A Medical Cannabis Prescription

Course Description:

Medical cannabis patients may now receive a prescription for medical cannabis through a doctor or nurse practitioner. But how do I find a doctor who will prescribe it? How do I approach my doctor? What is the process to obtain my prescriptions? Is a prescription even necessary? How do I purchase medical cannabis? What are the benefits and drawbacks? let's clear the smoke and get clarity on Health Canada's medical cannabis program.

Meet Your Instructor:

Terese is a certificted Cannabis Wellness Coach from Nelson. She has been a medical cannabis patient for almost 10 years to help manage her own insomnia, fatigue, pain, and anxiety. She is a dedicated advocate for wellness and navigating through health challenges. She has completed her Cannabis Coaching Certificate through Cannabis Coaching Institute and graduated in February 2021. She also completed the Professional Interpener Certificate and Cannabis Consultant Training through the Trichome Institute. She is continuously studying the evolving cannabis science and research. As a coach, Terese offers one-on-one coaching with clients looking for a safe and effective relationship with medical cannabis. She teaches courses in her local community and virtually to newbies and health practitioners. She believes that people can have a safe and effective experience with cannabis through stigma-free education.

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