Ski Rental/Retail Shop Management

SROM 257 Ski Rental/Retail Shop Management. Ski Resort Rental Operations: Students will be introduced to the practical aspects of ski and snowboard rental shop operations. The layout and design of rental shops now must accommodate a wide range of rental equipment. Equipment purchase, rotation and disposal of aging rental equipment, and inventory control will be studied. Rental agreements, the CWSAA rental waiver, and liability issues will be discussed. The maintenance of rental equipment and the importance of good record keeping will be emphasized. Finally, repair shop operations as a satellite operation of the rental shop will round out the topics of discussion. Students will complete a Rental Shop Design project to enhance their knowledge of effective rental shop layout, flow, and balance. Ski Resort Retail Shops: For the second half of this course, students will be given an overview of retailing and how ski resort retail shops have become an integral revenue centre in today's ski resort operations. The following retail topics will be discussed: buying cycle, customer service and selling, shop layout, and product merchandising. Pricing, the basis for mark-up, and discounting as related to retail shop financial performance will be studied. Guest speakers from local skior snowboard retail operations will present content on current industry trends and successful retail strategies. Students will carry out a critical analysis of a local sports retail shop to enhance their knowledge of store layout, merchandising, and in-store security.