Ski Resort Guest Services and Snow School Operations

SROM 160 Ski Resort Guest Services and Snow School Operations personnel perform many functions at ski resorts and ski areas. As front line employees, they must be equipped with excellent customer service skills. Quality service delivery, product sales techniques and administrative skills are all employed by staff members working in Guest Services operations. Snow School Operations is an integral part of a Ski resort's services. With the proper management techniques a snow school could be a major revenue center for the resort. The function, quality and performance of front line instructors as well as supervisors and management of the snow school can make or break a beginner ski/snowboard experience. SROM 160 is presented to provide students with some of the practical knowledge required to sell ski resort products and deliver services to ski resort guests. The size of the ski resort determines the makeup of this operating department and the complexity of systems used. The ability to adapt and design delivery and product sales systems for different size operations will be emphasized. Interfacing management requirements for statistical information and guest controls with the practical design and application of systems and procedures is a requirement for the efficient operation of this operating department. This course will also focus on Snow School Operations from a management perspective. An emphasis will be put on staffing, scheduling and programming.