Celina Duarte

Co-op Services Advisor; Instructor
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Co-op Education & Employment Services
School of Environment & Geomatics

BSc, Environmental Conservation Sciences (University of Alberta); BEd (WKTEP, University of British Columbia); MSc, Physical Geography (Carleton University)

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Co-op Services Advisor; Instructor, Integrated Environmental Planning

Celina Duarte is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in environmental science, hydrology and education. With a passion for environmental sustainability, she has dedicated her career to inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders through co-op education.
Celina holds a bachelor's degree in environmental science and a master's degree in Hydrology. With her strong academic foundation, she has worked in various roles in the field of environmental science and hydrology, including as a research assistant, lab technician and environmental consultant.

Celina's passion for education led her to pursue a teaching degree, where she could combine her knowledge and experience with the desire to inspire and educate future generations. She has taught courses in environmental science, hydrology and sustainability, and she has been involved in curriculum development and program design.

In the current role as a Co-op Education coordinator and instructor, Celina designs and delivers programs to provide students with real-world experience in environmental science and sustainability. She works closely with industry partners to ensure that students receive the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field.

Celina is an active member of the environmental science and education communities, regularly participating in conferences and workshops.