Dylan Sargent

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School of University Arts & Sciences


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Instructor, English and Business Communications

A Strong Belief in the Value of Community College

Dylan Sargent regards the smaller-scale, more personalized college experience to have been the key to his own success in post-secondary education. He first developed an interest in academics while attending a community college, where he was able to ask plenty of questions, apply course topics to his own life and establish a connection with his instructors. He is delighted to be part of continuing that tradition of education at Selkirk College.

Focus on English Literature Studies

Dylan studied English literature and creative writing at Concordia University, in Montreal, where he received his undergraduate and master’s degrees with distinction. During that time, he also worked as a teaching assistant for three university departments (English, Theatre and Engineering), and once again witnessed the importance of a personal connection in students’ success. Throughout his studies, Dylan also helped to develop educational materials for a nonprofit organization that supported the parents of children with learning disabilities.

Curriculum Development for Employment Ontario

After graduating, Dylan moved to Toronto, where he worked as a business writer and curriculum developer for Employment Ontario. He developed face-to-face and online workshops designed to help multi-barriered youth enter the workforce with confidence; many of his workshops are still taught to hundreds of Ontario youths each year.

Role at Selkirk College

Dylan teaches English and Business Communications courses. In addition to teaching, he runs the International Homeroom program to help support students who face academic challenges. His goal is for all of his students to feel heard and respected both as people and as thinkers throughout their Selkirk College experience.

Dylan lives in Castlegar with his wife and two children. He enjoys jogging, role-playing games and writing. Since moving to the Kootenays, he has also been trying, with limited success, to become more "outdoorsy."