James Nicol

James Nicol UAS Faculty
School of University Arts & Sciences

BSc, MSc

1 (888) 953-1133
Instructor, Biology
"Selkirk College has offered me a wonderful opportunity to pursue both my passion for teaching human biology while continuing to adventure in the mountains. I can also think of no better place in which to raise a family." - James Nicol, Instructor, Biology

James describes himself as "a most fortunate member of the Selkirk College family." He strives to accommodate learners from all walks in a rural setting. Having grown up rurally himself, and with advanced education and teaching history in the biological sciences, James feels strongly positioned to help those that wish to succeed in post-secondary.

Rural Roots Remain Strong

The burgeoning Rural-Pre Medicine program at Selkirk College has created a unique opportunity to not only offer foundational undergraduate science education to rural students, but to also present an exciting career path for those who may never have considered a profession in the health sciences. Auspiciously, The BC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) that oversees the BC Transfer System has found no difference in final average grades obtained by rural transfer students compared to their urban counterparts following the completion a four-year degree.

James is also excited to facilitate the year-long Human Anatomy and Physiology courses needed for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He especially enjoys  reacquainting with former students who now contribute to the excellent health care found in our region; he is most proud to have been a small part of their education. These courses additionally transfer into Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Health Sciences degree programs offered by intake universities.

Fostering Indigenous Inclusion

James believes fostering and creating pluralism concerning indigenous life ways is paramount in today's Canadian post-secondary institutions. Including First Nations' content in his courses is of particular interest given his background in Anthropology and Human Variation & Adaptation. Respectfully inviting local First Nations' elders, especially for his Biological Anthropology 110 class has been both an amazing learning curve and rich phenomenological experience for students.

Educational Background

  • Masters of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences, University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Science, University of Calgary.
  • Diploma of Farrier Science and Blacksmithing, Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School, Ardmore Oklahoma, USA.

Teaching Experience

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology, BIOL 164 / 165, Selkirk College.
  • Biological Anthropology, ANTH 110, Selkirk College.
  • Introduction to Microbiology, BIOL 212, Selkirk College.
  • Biology I, BIOL 104 (online), Selkirk College.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biol 133, University of British Columbia – Okanagan.
  • Clinical Skills and History Taking, WMED 347, Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, Nelson.
  • Clinical Skills - Farrier Science, University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Outside Work

When he isn't on campus, James enjoys parenting, climbing, skiing, whitewater kayaking, fishing, hiking, blacksmithing, gardening, bee-keeping, winemaking and traveling.