Jayme Jones

Faculty Researcher
A photo of Jayme Jones
Selkirk Innovates


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Jayme is passionate about bringing people together to co-create resilient communities. She gets to do this work through varied applied social science research projects at Selkirk Innovates. Jayme is called to work on complex issues facing us today, such as climate change, homelessness, poverty and water governance.

Jayme is a graduate of Selkirk College. She completed a diploma in Integrated Environmental Planning Technology (now called Applied Environmental Science and Planning Technology) before getting a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in environment and management. Through her previous experiences working and volunteering in industry, all levels of government and non-profits, Jayme developed strong relationships throughout the Columbia Basin-Boundary Region. She understands the need for innovative participatory processes and applied research to address today’s challenges. She works hard to support positive systems change through her applied research work. Jayme loves that she can help bridge research with community action, while also mentoring students through work-integrated learning opportunities.

Jayme is presently working on three applied research projects. These include State of the Basin, Bridging Rural Homelessness and Well-being and Courageous Dialogues.

Jayme is a committed volunteer with a long history of participation on many advisory committees, executives and boards, such as the Province of BC's Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee (CBRAC).

When Jayme is not busy with work or volunteering, you will find her skiing, singing, or exploring with her husband and two kids.