Kerri Webb

Kerri Webb UAS Instructor Bio
School of Business
School of Environment & Geomatics
School of University Arts & Sciences

BSc (UBC), MMath (U.Waterloo), PhD (U.Waterloo), Engineering Technology Diploma (Saskatchewan Polytechnic)

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Instructor, Mathematics, Integrated Environmental Planning, Business Administration, Postgraduate Accounting, Postgraduate Business Management
My fascination with puzzles and problem solving led me to study mathematics at university, first at the University of British Columbia (BSc) and then at the University of Waterloo (MMath, PhD).

After graduate school, I taught mathematics at the University of New Brunswick Saint John and at the University of Lethbridge.

After four enjoyable years of university teaching and research, a desire to learn problem solving for the "real world" returned me to life as a student. I completed a co-op diploma in Water Resources Engineering Technology while working part time as an Instructor in Learning Services at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This was followed by two years of monitoring storm water with an engineering company in the Vancouver area, and four years of monitoring river flow with Environment Canada in northern Alberta.

A desire to return to teaching brought me to Selkirk College, where I share my enthusiasm for problem solving with the students in my mathematics courses.