Mallory Attorp

Mallory Attrop Staff Bio
School of Hospitality & Tourism

Diploma of Hospitality

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Instructor, Culinary Management, Postgraduate Culinary Management, Hospitality Management, Resort & Hotel Management

Mallory Attorp was born with the hospitality gene.

Growing up in Grand Forks, BC, Mallory started working in the hospitality industry at a young age. Very young, in fact. Her first, unofficial, job was at age seven when she began working for her older sister in a game they called 'butler' (inspired by Alfred of The Batman comics). As a teen, she began working in restaurants and the local visitor information centre. After graduating high school, she went to work at a world-renowned heli-skiing lodge, where she served exclusive clients and worked alongside a very impressive team of professionals. This experience was all the proof she needed to know she was in the right industry; it was time to take the next step.

Mallory enrolled in the Resort and Hotel Management (RHOT) program at Selkirk College in Nelson where she grew a deeper understanding of the industry. During her studies, she won first prize in a province-wide BC Hospitality Case Study Competition. In this program, she built lifelong connections with her classmates, instructors, and industry professionals.

After completing the RHOT program, Mallory went to work at Whistler Cooks Catering. In her 10 years with this company, she worked with a knowledgeable team to host many different events: the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Ironman Canada, multiple music festivals, weddings, private dining services and much more. In a way, she had found an opportunity to monetize a 10-year long game of 'butler'. During her time with this company, she became well-versed in all aspects of the industry: sales, marketing, food and beverage service and human resources.

Mallory returned to Selkirk College as an instructor to share her experience, passion, and knowledge with the industry professionals of the future. In her time at the college, she earned her Professional Instructor Diploma and won a NISOD Excellence Award. She loves spending time with School of Hospitality and Tourism students and feels inspired every day as she is surrounded by others with the hospitality gene. Her time is dedicated to supporting students as they explore the incredible hospitality and tourism industry.