Rémi Laliberte

Remi Laliberte Staff Bio
School of Hospitality & Tourism
Nelson Tenth Street
Instructor, Professional Cook
Rémi Laliberte is excited to be sharing his passion for cooking and industry experience with aspiring chefs at Selkirk College, at the campus that started it all for him.

Rémi grew up in the Kootenays and moved from Castlegar to Nelson in 2007 to attend the Contemporary Music & Technology Program at Selkirk College.

While washing dishes at a local restaurant, he fell in love with cooking and attended Professional Cooking Program shortly afterward. He then pursued cooking as a career, moving to Vernon to work in a hotel and conference centre, where he apprenticed under skilled chefs for four years. He finished his schooling in Kelowna, at Okanagan College, acquiring Red Seal status after moving home to Nelson in 2017. He worked three years as the executive chef of Finley's and Sage, mentoring cooks from diverse backgrounds.

He lives in Nelson, BC, with his family. He is passionate about music, hiking and learning.