Sahana Madhyastha

Student Services

PhD (Psychology),M Phil (Clinical Psychology), MA (Psychology), BA (Psychology)

1 (250) 365-7292

"I chose Psychology to help me transform myself... and as I travelled through the path, I learned more of it to facilitate transformation of others. I believe 'to give is to gain' and my profession has always proven this right." - Madhyastha

All of Sahana's education has been completed in India and for over 13 years, she taught clinical psychology at Manipal University, India.

Sahana's doctoral research explored the multi-faceted factors influencing stress in medical students. She also enjoyed working with student clients throughout her clinical experience.

Sahana believes today's young are our future, and only if the buds are nurtured well, will they bloom into something beautiful and useful. Therefore, in her capacity as a student counsellor at Selkirk College, Sahana intends to serve the students and the college to the best of her ability and aide the students in resolving obstacles and realize their fullest potential.