Supervisory Ski Lift Operations

SROM 272 Supervisory Ski Lift Operations is a continuation of SROM 172. Ski Lift operational considerations form the primary focus of this course. You will learn about lift capacity, standard and emergency operating procedures, lift operations supervision, lift operator training, and lift operations budgeting. You will also enhance your understanding of the different types of ski lifts through examination of the broad range of passenger ropeways available for use in the ski industry, from simple rope tows to technologically advanced multiple haul rope systems. SROM 272 incorporates elements of LIFT 150 Ski Lift Operations Train-the-Trainer, a course created by Selkirk College for lift operations personnel. Through the LIFT 150 portion of the course you will have the opportunity to earn the LIFT 150 certificate, a credential required the BC Safety Authority to train lift operators in British Columbia.