Sustainability Award

Thank You, Change-makers!

Every year, we present Selkirk College Environmental Sustainability Awards to a student and an employee who have made significant contributions to environmental sustainability. We thank them for their outstanding leadership in encouraging a culture of sustainability campus and in our community.

Student Recipients

Avianne Clepson

Avianne Clempson 

Avianna hosted TEDxSelkirkCollege 2021, which featured 10 local speakers and drew an audience of over 150.

Sustainability Award Winner Zoe Leech

Zoë Leech 

Zoë was a leader in establishing the on-site composting program at the Castlegar Campus. 

Sustainability Award Winner Emily Markholm

Emily Markholm

Emily contributed to waste audits, waste reduction campaigns, garbage clean-ups and more.

Employee Recipients

Rob Macrae
Rob Macrae

Rob championed the development and delivery of Selkirk College’s own Renewable Energy Certificate and contributes to newspapers on environmental topics. 
Award winner Ron Zaitsoff
Ron Zaitsoff
Ron was instrumental in the solar installs on the Castlegar Campus, the $23 million Silver King Campus refresh, the college’s first electric vehicle and more.
Sustainability Award Winner Michelle Colley
Michelle Colley
Michelle expanded the recycling options on the Trail Campus and set up a system to separate out plastics, glass, packaging and foam.