Leanne Reitan

Faculty Assistant
Leanne Reitan Bio Photo
School of Environment & Geomatics

Diploma Tech Recreation, Fish & Wildlife (Selkirk College), Faculty Assistant

1 (250) 365-7292
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Leanne Reitan is the faculty assistant to the School of Environment & Geomatics. As such, they don't teach any one course specifically, but rather assist instructors in a myriad of ways, both in classes and behind the scenes. We like to think of Leanne as the ball bearings - she works to keep things running smoothly. School of Environment & Geomatics students will be seeing a lot of Leanne in first year, in a variety of different courses and in and around G-Wing and the SEG Equipment Room, the center of operations on the Castlegar Campus.

A veteran member of the team, 2023 is Leanne's 28th year at Selkirk College (including their time as an Recreation, Fish & Wildlife Program student), so they are a pretty good person to ask random questions to as you get your bearings around Castlegar & the West Kootenay. Leanne also runs the SEG Facebook public page and a private group for students and alumni.

Outside of work, Leanne's personal interests include some which overlap nicely with SEG, like botany and mycology, paddling and hot springs, and some which are right out in left field, like roller derby (yes, Castlegar has a roller derby team which is in its 13th year - if you want to get your skate on, come talk to Leanne about how you can make that happen!). Leanne has two adult children who have moved to the west coast to attend university, so might try to mother you all in their absence. Eat right, sleep well and follow your dreams, everyone!