Education Plan

The Education Plan 2023–2027: Together for Success has engaged many people at Selkirk College in identifying important goals and objectives. 

Meeting the Needs of Today's Learners

The plan:

  • Sets priority actions that we believe will result in the continued and expanded success of our students
  • Is vital to the continued growth of Selkirk College as an exemplary post-secondary institution
  • Provides a unified and consistent vision of our commitment to learners and to a high-quality, professional program, course and service delivery model
  • Describes the processes that we will follow to ensure that Selkirk College develops relevant educational pathways and inspiring learning experiences to meet the needs of our learners and the community
  • Represents how we intend to live our vision, achieve our mission and aspire to deliver on our fundamental commitments of a focus on learners, teaching excellence, community engagement, a healthy workplace and sustainability

Our work is about inspiring lifelong learning, transforming lives through education, and serving our communities. We want learners to be successful in their learning journeys. Thank you to all those who assisted in the development of this plan.

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