Advanced Computing

Person working on a high tech computer

Customizing Solutions with New Technologies

Advanced computing can take on many forms—whether you need to create new software to tackle a complex problem, collect and analyze current or historical data, reverse engineer a computer system or optimize a process or workflow using artificial intelligence.  

Selkirk Innovates is here to apply a diverse range of skills sets and solutions from our researchers and student interns. We love to explore new technologies and find customized solutions to help you make your great idea a reality and commercialize your products and services.

We work with a diverse group of industry partners and businesses, from large lumber mills and mines to architect and engineer consultancies, to small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Digital Infrastructure You Need

Some of our clients have a highly specialized need that requires an innovative solution such as machine learning, computational modelling or detailed scientific analysis. Our team of physicists, computer scientists and others can rise to the challenge with a dynamic and multi-disciplinary approach. We can provide the digital infrastructure and systems you need.

We also offer solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Selkirk Innovates can provide new installations or integrations within your pre-existing processes. We use smart devices to collect extensive data which allows for informed decisions to be made by either an operator or artificial intelligence. 

Similarly, through software and hardware automation, we help you standardize and increase efficiencies for mundane or repetitive tasks, or even replace them completely. Examples of this include data collection and analysis, lab automation and cloud integration, industrial control systems, and robotic assistance in situations too dangerous or inaccessible for workers. 

Reverse Engineering, Diagnostics and Repair

Finally, we can solve problems for old, abandoned, or unknown digital systems (software or hardware) which are not behaving as expected. We can reverse engineer the intended behaviour, diagnose and repair malfunction, and increase functionality. With our extensive knowledge in various technologies as well as a deep understanding of electronic and software building blocks, we can respond to almost any issue you have in the tech sphere.

Selkirk Innovates is here to support our communities and stimulate growth in the technology and information sector. We’re also training the next generation by providing students with incredible opportunities to innovate.

Our Advanced Computing team offers various skills and technologies:

  • Machine learning

  • Data science

  • Data management

  • Big data & analytics

  • Cloud computing

  • API development and integration 

  • Software development 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Computer vision

  • Robotics

  • Electronics

  • Experimental design

  • Physics

  • Climate science

Selkirk Innovates' advanced computing activities take place at the Selkirk Technology Access Centre and the Applied Research and Innovation Centre.

Research Spotlight

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (CRRT)

This project has completed.

The COVID Rapid Response Team (CRRT) is available to help Nelson and area businesses and entrepreneurs improve their online presence and support them in discovering new ways of doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As of June 2021, we have employed eight student interns and served 56 clients in and around the Nelson area. The CRRT can help with:

  • Establishing a strong social media & online presence

  • Integration with online marketplaces

  • Website and search engine optimization

  • Online software training

  • Product photography and virtual training

The CRRT includes Selkirk College student interns and researchers from the Selkirk Technology Access Centre. They are highly experienced in digital technology and advanced computing and will work directly with your business, at no cost.

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Team is supported by Community Futures, City of Nelson and Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce.

Kalesnikoff: A Mass Timber Products & Lumber Company

At Kalesnikoff, a combination of operators and a sophisticated computer vision ensure the high quality of lumber they produce. Some tasks performed by the operators have no industry standard for automation. Selkirk Innovates helped Kalesnikoff integrate a custom computer vision and quality detection system into the pre-existing process line, alleviating some burden from the operators who are in charge of the final quality check.

Steer Environmental Associates

Steer Environmental Associates provide clients with dependable expertise in environmental risk assessment, contaminated site investigation, and hazardous building materials assessment (among many other services). Selkirk Innovates helped them develop an app to standardize their data collection process and harden the chain of custody for samples sent off for analysis. The app also keeps the data safe and backed up in the cloud which is available company-wide, in real-time, wherever they are. 

SMART Kootenays

As part of the Innovate BC Smart Communities Challenge, Selkirk Innovates developed an app to monitor the position of snowplows operating during a winter storm. Using this data, we calculated a "heatmap" indicating how much time had passed since the road was last cleared. This was designed to be a proxy for road safety and to allow drivers to make an informed decision to stay home on stormy days.